Various Artists
Burn your fingers on the sun
(Off The Hip) cd 2007




En dubbelcd med Australiens hetaste grupper inom psychedelia. Det låter Byrds, Syd Barret, My Bloody Valentine och The Jesus and Mary Chain om dessa inte mindre än 27 st Sydney, Melbourne och Adelaide band. En julkapp från Off The Hip till alla genre älskare!
DISC ONE 1.Let It Go- The Black Ryder 2. Catherine Fields- The Years 3. Its Only 3am- The Sun Blindness 4. Follow The Sound- The Dolly Rocker Movement* 5. Turn On Your Mind- The Laurels 6. How Long Is Gone- Sway 7. Ghosting- The Gills 8. How Does It Feel – Blue Sunshine Minds 9. 13 Stingrays- Richard In Your Mind 10. One Day – The Unheard 11. A Summation Of All These Burdens- 3D TV 12. Rise – The Black Ryder 13. Don’t Leave (Honey)- Starstream DISC TWO 1. A Thousand Flowers- Sand Pebbles* 2. For Those Teary Eyes- The Dolly Rocker Movement* 3. Aimee-Lee- The Sky Falling 4. Given Time- Green Circles* 5. The New Sun- Richard In Your Mind 6. Radio Daze- The Laurels 7. Lantern of Black Light- Belles Will Ring 8. Blue Ribbon Behaviour- Treetops 9. Let Me Through- Green Circles 10. On The Ground- Sway 11. Scuttle- The Gills 12. Outside- The Sky Falling 13. A Trip In A Painted World- The Sun Blindness 14. Forever- Blue Sunshine Minds

L. Wallin