Are You Looking at Me? Laneway Art
Uncover the fascinating history and quiet beauty of Sydney’s laneways, as you wander the network of these resonant city spaces. Nine contemporary artists selected by renowned curator Barbara Flynn challenge us to look at the potential of city lanes in a new way. Using art installations with projection, light, sound, text and imagery the artists reference the culture of our city and transform the spaces their works inhabit.

The Bike Bike
Marvel at the construction of this enormous 12 metre high Penny Farthing Bicycle, built from recycled bikes by artist Alasdair Nicol. Referencing our past and our future, The Bike Bike challenges us to think about Sydney transport, and its implications for our environment. With this issue now central to building greener cities, and the City’s Bike Plan an important component of Sustainable Sydney 2030, this striking installation is not only an extraordinary work of art, but also timely and thought provoking.